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Rep. Chris Stewart defends President Donald Trump amid ongoing impeachment hearings. A new poll shows that more than half of Utah women believe that they have a lower status than men. And a legislative audit finds Utah oil and gas regulators aren’t regulating all that much.  

Mom and twin girls; Affordable child care is one issue YWCA Utah will address in it's policy conference later this month.
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How women of color are treated in the justice system, resources for mothers facing depression, and access to affordable childcare are topics of concern for one Utah women’s organization. A YWCA Utah conference later this month will bring together community stakeholders to discuss policies for addressing these areas.

Last week, researchers with the Utah Women and Leadership Project released a summary of recent research entitled “Sexual Harassment: What Utahns Need to Know.”

“Sexual Harassment: What Utahns Need to Know” is a summary of research published by Utah Valley University’s Utah Women and Leadership Project. Dr. Susan Madsen is one of the authors of the research. 

Elijah West was a big baby.

“I like to say it was twelve, but I think it was really 11.5, right?” he asked, turning to his mother Diana for confirmation.


According to a research write-up out of Utah Valley University, the gender-wage gap in Utah is one of the highest in the nation.

Susan Madsen is the co-author of a Utah Women Stats research write-up on women and poverty in Utah that says 11.3 percent of Utahns are living in poverty.