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GOP Voters Overwhelmingly Support Renewable Energy

Public Opinion Strategies

A post-election survey found nearly 90 percent of all voters support more government action to speed up the shift to clean energy. Mark Pischea with Conservative Energy Network said that includes two-to-one support by conservatives. He said the Republican Party shouldn't ignore these results.

"For the GOP to be competitive in future elections, it must develop messages that have greater appeal to millennials, college-educated voters and minorities," Pischea said. "Clean energy represents an opportunity to build a bridge while appealing to our conservative base." 

The poll found strong support for energy efficiency, and far more negative opinions about coal and nuclear energy. Pischea said the idea of government action aimed specifically at slowing climate change is still politically charged for conservatives, but he sees growing consensus on energy policies in general.

Coal and oil companies have argued that policies supporting renewables will raise the cost of energy and hurt the economy. The survey found conservatives favor those policies specifically because renewables are growing and rapidly adding jobs.