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Logan City Signs Contract With Brigham City Police Department To House Lost Animals

Cache Humane Society
Logan City will now take lost animals to Brigham City Police Department For Housing

Negotiations between the Cache Humane Society and Logan city have lead to an alternative plan to house lost animals.

“Logan city has signed a contract with Brigham City Police Department to provide animal shelter services while we develop a long-term solution for police-provided animal care," said Mayor Holly Daines, when announcing the 11 month-long contract Thursday.

“The impounded animals will be held temporarily in kennels at the Logan Police Department. We already have some existing kennels because they’re used periodically for the police’s own canine dogs. Then they’ll be transferred to the Brigham City shelter as needed because they’re set up to care for the animals on a little longer-term basis,” Daines said.

On July 26, the Cache Humane Society discontinued their contract with Logan city for animals picked up by the police department. Executive Director Stacey Frisk says the separation came after their request for increased funding was denied by the city.

"This year we had to take a hard look at increased vaccine costs, increased food costs and increased staffing costs that we have faced over the last year,” Frisk said.

Logan City Councilwoman Jeannie Simmonds says ending the contract between the two groups effects operations with Logan Police.

“If we as a city are called and asked to pick up a dog, there are state requirements on how that dog needs to be handled, and how long they can be held,” she said.

Simmonds says there is currently no talk about re-working the contract with the humane society.