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Police Academy Student Shoots Himself While Cleaning Guns In Sevier County

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A student at the police academy in Sevier County is recovering from accidentally shooting himself in the leg while cleaning guns on Saturday.

According to Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis, the 22-year-old man should recover and continue on in the academy.

The man was cleaning his third .40 caliber handgun when he used a technique which required him to pull the trigger. Curtis says he broke two rules of shooting by first, not double checking the barrel, and second, for pointing the weapon at something he wasn’t willing to see destroyed–in this case, his own leg.

“He just now has to be considered that guy–the guy that shot himself in the leg,” Curtis says. “You know, and everybody’s going to know.”

Curtis says this is a good time of year to be reminded of gun safety, with many people giving guns as gifts.

He suggests everyone keep in mind the following guidelines:

1.    Treat all guns as if they’re loaded.

2.    Keep your finger off the trigger until you’ve made the conscious decision to pull the trigger.

3.    Be sure of your target–backstop and beyond.

4.    Never let the muzzle cover anything you’re not willing to destroy of pay for.

“Be extra cautious when you do those things,” Curtis says.

Curtis also adds a fifth rule to the list: Don’t be that guy.