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USU Announces A Student Fee Reduction For Fall 2020


Utah State University President Noelle Cockett announced Tuesday that USU students at the Logan Main campus will see a $150 reduction in fall student fees while full time students at USU Statewide Campuses will see a $95 fee reduction.

According to Tim Vitale, Associate Vice President of Communications at USU, this reduction is approximately 26% of the fees students normally pay per semester.

“The student experience that we expect students to have in the fall played a role overall- so it wasn't just athletics, it wasn't just access to the rec. facilities, or testing centers," said Vitale. "It really was, in totality, we looked at the big picture and said, ‘how can we reduce fees?, and this was the percentage we felt we could work.” ’                                    

Vitale said there are limits to the amount of reductions that can be offered due to fixed costs associated with ongoing services, resources, and support that these fees cover.

For those students who have already paid their tuition for the year, Vitale said the university is still working out the details to get them their money back.

“We will start implementing that fee reduction today. So students who are getting online today to pay for their classes, will see that reduction,” said Vitale.

Presidents at both USU and the University of Utah have chosen to reduce student fees in similar ways.