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Reflecting On The Utah State Fair During The Pandemic

Many fairs across the country were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in Utah the state fair continued. Ashely Moyes, who has been going to the state fair since she was a kid, attened this year and said she loves sharing the experence with her kids. 

“Based off crowds, usually when you go to the fair, it is like shoulder to shoulder people and you have to hold on to your children," said Moyes. "It's just way too crowded and the lines are so long for everything even dinner. And so this experience was totally different.”

With the current COVID restrictions Moyes had concerns about bringing her family to the fair. But after doing some research, she said her worries were put to ease. 

“I had heard that it wasn't as crowded as it used to be," " said Moyes said. "And I think I read that they were like limiting how many people enter. And I also knew that masks are required. So that made me feel a lot better plus outside. So being outdoors, you can kind of social distance a lot easier."

But not everyone was uneasy about going to the fair this year. Trista DeLong and her son came to watch the monster truck show. 

"The mask thing, I was not a huge particular fan of that because it was outside," said Trista. "But you know, I asked one of the gals with the gate. And I was like, ‘really?’, and she's like, ‘it's the only way to do the fair’. But I was like, ‘okay’, so we complied.”

Trista said as she and her son explored the fair, they noticed a lot more sanitation stands throughout the grounds and staff cleaning the rides.

“Every single time the kids get off, the workers there have their spray bottles, and they went through and sanitized every ride, every time,” said Trista.

The Utah State Fair ran from September 10 through the 20th