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Proposed Bill Calls For Reclassification Of Utah Counties



A new bill being considered by the Utah legislature would amend provisions made to county classifications in the state of Utah.

“It’s going to give us time to look at a more structured change to that whole system," Rep. Casey Snider said. "This isn’t the first time we’ve adjusted the population limits.”

H.B. 19, proposed by Snider, would modify the population requirements for the classification of certain counties.

Utah counties are put into one of six classes, based on population. One of the counties expected to change classes would be Cache county. 

“We had crossed that population threshold which would move us from a county of the third class to a county of the second class," Snider said. "And because of that, there’s some concerns once you make that change. In county classification, it opens you up to a new system of regulation and fees.”

Some of the provisions in the bill include changing counties of the first class to have a population of a million or more instead of 700,000 or more. 

Similarly, counties in the second class would have a population of 175,000, but less than a million. 

Snider said while he thinks the bill will be a process, it will have good effects on the state. He credited former Rep. Val Potter for spearheading the effort in the summer before passing it to Snider.