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Weber School District reveals first woman to serve as superintendent for the district

Weber School District's new superintendent, Gina D. Butters
Photo courtesy of Weber School District
Weber School District's new superintendent, Gina D. Butters

Replacing Dr. Jeff Stephens as superintendent of the Weber School District Board of Education, Gina D. Butters is now the first woman to ever serve that role for the Weber district.

With Stephens set to retire at the end of the current school year, having served 11 years as the district’s superintendent, Butters will step into the role as the 15th superintendent of the district and the first woman to take that role.

Butters graduated from Bonneville High School and graduated from the University of Utah with her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sports science. Soon after, she started teaching in the Weber School District and coached basketball, eventually working her way up through assistant principal and principal positions throughout several different high schools.

After an extensive search for a new superintendent, a committee being made up of 24 people evaluated ten applications from around the country. After conducting interviews with a few of those candidates, Gina Butters proved to be the top candidate for the district.

The Weber School District is the 8th largest school district in Utah being made up of 45 different schools with over 33,000 students throughout Weber County.

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