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Officials say that expired COVID-19 tests can still provide accurate results

Medakit Ltd

If you’re planning on throwing away your expired COVID-19 test kits, don’t do it quite yet. Officials say that depending on the brand, expired test kits can still provide accurate results.

Gabriel Moreno, a spokesperson for the Salt Lake County Health Department, says that some manufacturers have discovered that after time, their tests still give solid results, so they can request extended expiration dates.

iPromo, a company in charge of distributing COVID-19 tests and personal protective equipment, is one of those manufacturers who have learned more about the performance of their products. Leo Friedman, CEO of iPromo, says that the company has the data showing that the solution used in their tests doesn’t degrade over time.

The FDA has released an updated list with updated expiration dates for COVID-19 tests on their website.