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Monday PM headlines: First U of U softball PAC-12 win, water conservation tips for lawns

The U of U softball team gathers in an excited huddle around their PAC-12 championship trophy, many holding up "1" on their fingers.
Michael Cristy
Utah Utes
The University of Utah softball team celebrates their first-ever PAC-12 championship on Sunday.

How much should you water your lawn? This guide has weekly tips

The Utah Division of Water Resources has added a new Low Water Use Guide as part of their ongoing goal to encourage water conservation in lawncare.

The Division’s Weekly Lawn Watering Guide, which offers customized watering recommendations based on area, lawn type and current weather conditions, was made to help Utahns avoid overwatering and conserve the state’s limited water resources.

With more Utahns choosing to landscape with low-water-use grass varieties, the division has added the Low Water Use Guide to give them tips on irrigation as well. The guide also gives recommendations for sprinkler cycles based on head type, which the division says can be made even more accurate with their free water check program.

The Division of Water Resources also says residents should consider other water-saving measures, like fixing leaky faucets and utilizing statewide rebates for toilet replacement and smart irrigation controllers.

New proposal would allow more conservation leases on federal lands

A proposal from the Biden administration would allow the sale of conservation leases on federal lands. Conservationists or companies could lease the land, similar to how farmers or companies do for ranching or drilling, but for restoring the land rather than using its resources.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued leases for conservation in limited cases before, but has never had a dedicated program for it. The director of the BLM, Tracy Stone-Manning, said it would help mitigate rising pressure from climate change and make conservation equally important to other uses for land.

Stone-Manning also noted that conservation leases would not usurp existing ones, and that people would still be able to hunt or recreate on leased property.

Opponents of the rule, including many Republican lawmakers, claim it would exclude mining, energy development and agriculture.

U of U softball wins its first-ever PAC-12 championship

The University of Utah’s softball team won its first-ever PAC-12 tournament championship on Sunday. The No. 15 seed defeated No. 2 UCLA 7-4 at the Hillenbrand Stadium in Tucson, Arizona. U of U first joined the PAC-12 conference in 2012.

The team will head to the NCAA tournament next, playing against Southern Illinois in the Salt Lake City Regionals on Friday.

Ten members of U of U’s softball team were also chosen for the PAC-12 All-Conference Teams.

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