DEBUNKED Episode 12: Myth 'Only People Who Use Opioids Are At Risk Of Overdose'

Dec 14, 2020

Credit Mauricio Mascaro, Pexels

Episode 12 of DEBUNKED raises awareness of other substances that can cause use disorder and overdose, and Debunks the myth that “only people who use opioids are at risk of overdose."

DEBUNKED host, Tim Light, welcomes Mindy Vincent, Executive Director of Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, Patrick Rezak, founder of One Voice Recovery and Dr. Brian Rogers, HIV Prevention Specialist from One Voice Recovery. Together, they DEBUNK the idea that heroin and prescription opioids are the only worries when talking about overdose, and that there are a number of other substances that should cause just as much concern. Listen in to learn more about stimulant overdose, contaminated substances, factors that may contribute to overdose and effective ways to reduce the harms surrounding substance use disorder.

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