Revisiting Poems Of Pandemic And Parenthood With Ben Gunsberg On Wednesday's Access Utah

Dec 2, 2020

Credit Utah State University

Poet Ben Gunsberg will join us for Access Utah on Wednesday. He’s been writing poems for the pandemic. We’ll hear some of those poems today. His latest collection is “Welcome, Dangerous Life.” He writes about the vulnerability of being a parent.

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He says (in an article in Utah State University Today) “The stakes are raised once you’ve got children. The title [of the collection] sort of hints at the way life seems more dangerous once you have children, once you have this vulnerable being you’re responsible for, and the way the world has colored and changed.” Ben Gunsberg will read some of these poems as well.

Ben Gunsberg is an Associate Professor of English at Utah State University.  He earned an M.F.A. from the University of Alabama and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. His poetry appears in CutBank, Tupelo Quarterly, and The South Carolina Review, among other magazines.   He's authored one poetry collection, Welcome, Dangerous Life (Turning Point, 2018) and one poetry chapbook, Rhapsodies with Portraits (Finishing Line, 2015).