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Ongoing Need For Humanitarian Aid And A U.S. Reckoning For Puerto Rico On Tuesday's Access Utah

Light Up Puerto Rico


  It’s been six months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. The hurricane is regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in Puerto Rican history. Some Puerto Ricans expressed the worry at the time that the news cycle would turn and the island’s needs will be forgotten. We’ll try to counteract that tendency today. We’re going to focus on Puerto Rico and try to point you to good ways you can help. We’ll also seek context and look at some history.

Our guests include: Mindy Burton, marketing and content strategist at Tifie Humanitarian; Cari Lu Alvarado, co-founder of Light Up Puerto Rico; Edwin Melendez, professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter College and Director of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies; and Maria de Jesus Cordero, USU associate professor of Language, Philosophy and Communication Studies.