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Access Utah Thursday: The Future Of Local News With Salt Lake Tribune Editor Jennifer Napier-Pearce


A recent article in Politico took as a given “the newspaper industry’s coming death.”

For those who love newspapers and value the service they provide, the hope is that the industry can find its way in the digital age. Against this backdrop, Utah’s largest newspaper, The Salt Lake Tribune, recently cut 34 employees from a newsroom staff of 90 and made other cuts, and the Ogden Standard Examiner recently laid off several staff members.

Our guest for the hour on Thursday’s Access Utah was Salt Lake Tribune Editor Jennifer Napier-Pearce, who shared he thoughts and optimism about the future of The Salt Lake Tribune and the newspaper industry. 

UPR reporter Matilyn Mortensen reached out to USU journalism associate professor and former Salt Lake Tribune reporter Matthew LaPlante for another perspective on the Tribune's staff cuts and the role of newspaper reporting. That conversation can be found online here.