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Exploring 'Secret Salt Lake City' with Jeremy Pugh on Thursday's Access Utah

Where can you find a chunk of the Matterhorn enshrined at a Utah ski resort? What is the origin of Iosepa, the Hawaiian ghost town in the desert? And why is Utah called the Beehive State?

The book "Secret Salt Lake City" is a guide to the oddities, wonders, myths and legends of Utah’s capital city, opening a window into the weird, the bizarre and the obscure secrets of the city, some of which are hiding in plain sight. Did you know that there is an alphabet hidden in your computer that was invented in Salt Lake City? And how did Sherlock Holmes solve a fictional mystery in London that originated in Utah? "Secret Salt Lake City" was written by Jeremy Pugh and Mary Brown Malouf. Jeremy Pugh joins us today.

Jeremy Pugh is a writer living in Salt Lake City who, in one way or another, has been writing about culture, history and the outdoors in Utah for more than two decades. The editor of Salt Lake magazine, Pugh is a freelancer and consultant writing for SKI, Lonely Planet and Salt Lake magazines.

A lifelong Utahn, Jeremy travels widely but always returns home to the mountains where he bikes, hikes, and skis as much as possible. He invites you to share your SLC experiences on Twitter and Instagram at @verydynamite and read his writing at He is author, previously, of "100 Things to Do in Salt Lake City Before You Die."

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