Venus, Mercury, And The Moon

May 21, 2020


This spring after the sun sets in the west the 2nd planet from the Sun, Venus, has given us a wonderful evening celestial show. Venus at this point in its orbit around the Sun is known as the “evening star”.

Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, And Moon Conjunction

Mar 18, 2020
A graphic showing the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.
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A beautiful conjunction will occur tomorrow morning March 18th at 6:00 AM in the Southeastern skies of Utah. The crescent moon will be within a few degrees of the planets Jupiter and Mars. Not to be left out is Saturn situated just 6 degrees to the east. It is not often that you see these four celestial objects so closely associated together in the sky. It is definitely worth taking a look. Jupiter, Mars, and the moon should be visible together in a pair of binoculars.


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