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Helping Farmers And The Hungry-- Utah Farm Bureau Launches 'Farmers Feeding Utah Program'
Utah farmers have beet hit hard with the coronavirus closures. In efforts to help producers, while bringing aid to those in need, Utah Farm Bureau has set up a program to buy products from farmers to give to those in need.

On Thursday, Utah Farm Bureau Federation announced it was launching its Farmers Feeding Utah program to help both farmers and people in financial need throughout the community. Through this program, people in the community can donate money to buy food from farmers and distribute it to families in need.

Two weeks ago, Ron Gibson, the president of Utah Farm Bureau, gave a radio interview about how hard farmers and ranchers have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. One hour later, a man named David Brown called Gibson wanting to help the Utah agriculture community. From there the Farm Bureau started looking for ways to help farmers and other community members and came up with the project Farmers Feeding Utah.

“We are raising money to buy food from farmers. And then we're distributing that to the people that are in need. So we're helping farmers this critical time and we're helping people who are hungry and that's pretty awesome,” explained Gibson.

To make this project possible, Utah Farm Bureau has partnered with many organizations such as the Hunger Institute at Utah State University and local food banks to distribute food to those in need throughout the state.

The Farmers Feeding Utah project is also focusing on areas of the agriculture industry that have been hit the hardest during this pandemic.

“Right now, dairy is one that hit very hard," said Gibson. "Lamb is one that's hit really hard,  cattle, so beef is hit really hard, and the pork industry is being obliviated. So those are four that we're working on right now as we move forward into the year, and Utah farmers and ranchers have more vegetables and produce and that kind of stuff to go along with the proteins. We're going to try to focus those areas of need as needed."

More information on the program and where to donate can be found at