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Logan City Holds Commenting Period For Two Transportation Studies

As Logan City and Cache County continue to grow, addressing transporation needs is an important part of master planning. City officials are launching two transportation studies to come up with solutions to meet current and future mobility needs.

“It is going to end up being a compromise on Main Street, you know, but we're putting forth the best solution of Mainstreet into the Master Plan as we move forward and plan for the future and the growth of of downtown meeting the needs of the businesses meeting the needs of the residents as well as meeting the needs of regional transportation requirements,” said Bill Young.

As Logan City Engineer, Bill Young works on projects that helps improve transportation in the Logan City area.

Transportation studies have been done for years Young said. The first Master Plan study was done back in the 1990’s and then again in the 2000’s. Now the city is launching two new transportation studies—one for Main Street and one for a transportation master plan.

“We will take projected growth information,  for the city and for the county. And we will put that into those models that we're using so that we can make projections on what traffic demand will be 30 years out from now. We will also look at it intermittently and we look at what we have existing today,” Young said.

Having Main Street in its own study allows for specific input on that area of Logan that will then be pushed into the Master Plan.

“We are evaluating Mainstreet and its purpose, its need for every aspect of transportation for business, you know for the users of downtown," said Young. "This is one where this road wants to act like our I 15 to get through the valley. Big yet it's our downtown area and wants to act like downtown.”

To help understand the community’s needs the city is hosting a virtual public meeting on Aug. 25 and will be taking input through Sept. 28. For more information visit