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Mending Monuments: Recent Windstorms Stoke Worries Over Logan Cemetery Damage


Damage to trees and headstones in the Logan Cemetery due to recent windstorms have some residents worrying about how the site will be repaired.

Julie Kraus, 68, first noticed damage done in the cemetery by last week’s winds Sunday evening. Her sister-in-law had placed flowers on the family’s headstones, so Kraus drove by to take a look when she saw that some trees had been uprooted.


“Those are old, old trees that have been there since the city’s beginning. I just looked at it and felt, geez, this is supposed to be a peaceful place,” Kraus said. “This is where my family’s sanctuary is and it feels violated. The peace was invaded.” Read the rest of the story on HJnews.com.


This story is made possible thanks to a community reporting partnership between The Herald Journal and Utah Public Radio.