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Bear River Health Dept. Issues Public Health Order For By-Class Test-To-Stay In Elementary Schools

The Herald Journal

The Bear River Health Department has issued a public health order that would enable a “classroom test-to-stay program” in elementary schools across the Bear River region.

BRHD will work closely with local school officials to determine whether test-to-stay will be necessary in local classrooms. Since COVID-19 vaccines are currently unavailable for children under 12, schools are seeing increased cases of COVID-19 in comparison to 2020 at the same time. The weekly incidence of COVID-19 has increased by 159% in individuals 0-9 years of age over the past three weeks.


BRHD states that COVID-19 poses a “continuing and immediate threat to the public health of Bear River Health District residents and visitors.” The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is the “dominant strain actively circulating in the District and is more contagious than the original virus and other variants.” Read the rest of the story on


This story is made possible thanks to a community reporting partnership between The Herald Journal and Utah Public Radio.