15 Things Utahns Can't Live Without In A Pandemic On Wednesday's Access Utah

Sep 30, 2021

Top row, left to right: Notebook, incense, water bottle, coffee maker, sneakers, wine. Bottom row, left to right: camera, glasses, book, headphones, facial cleansing device, edible ants in a bowl, mask, gloves, tablet.
Credit Liliana Cadena / Lockdown Essentials

In conjunction with the Moth Mainstage event coming to Logan next month, UPR and Cache Arts are presenting 15 Things Utahns Can’t Live Without in a Pandemic, which is based on NPR’s 15 Things Folks Can’t Live Without in a Pandemic. The project is about the power of storytelling, and how it can be a catharsis and a way of processing as we collectively deal with this ongoing global pandemic.

The project will culminate in an exhibit of work at the Ellen Eccles Theatre during The Moth Mainstage, and an exhibit during the December Gallery Stroll in Logan.

Our guests include UPR Membership Director Katie Swain, Cache Arts Executive Director Wendi Hassan, Photographer Maria Ellen Huebner, and Kate Markman, one of Maria Ellen Huebner’s students.

 The Moth Mainstage is coming to Logan, to the Ellen Eccles Theater, on October 21. You can listen to the Moth Radio Hour on UPR Fridays at 11 a.m. or Saturdays at 6 p.m.