Revisiting Mindfulness And Meditation On Thursday's Access Utah

Aug 19, 2021


A while back on Access Utah, Michael Sowder, USU professor of English and affiliated professor of religious studies, helped us learn some of the history and current practice of yoga. On Tuesday’s Access Utah he’ll lead us in an exploration of mindfulness and meditation, which may be of special interest during these times of pandemic.

Michael Sowder is a Poet and Professor of English at Utah State University, and an Affiliated Faculty member in the Religious Studies and Yoga Studies programs, where he teaches courses in the History and Philosophy of Yoga.  The founder of the non-profit organization—Amrita Yoga Satsang—Michael was trained as a yoga and meditation teacher in the late 1970s.  He teaches yoga, meditation, and their history and philosophy, at studios, retreats, and in yoga teacher-training programs.