Undisciplined: August Science News Roundup

Sep 1, 2020

This week on Undisciplined, we’re talking about the long-lost woolly rhinoceros, Vikings, smallpox, and innovations in playground equipment. With a list of subjects that diverse, you might have guessed that the monthly science news round-up is back – and it is.

Joining us is Danielle Lemmon. They first joined us back in June of 2019 to talk about the diversity of El Niño events worldwide and have been a guest several times on the round-up. 

Mirella Meyer-Ficca also first joined us in 2019 talk about her team’s work to genetically engineer a mouse that is dependent on niacin in the same way as humans and she has become one of our favorite round-up guests. 

And from the University of Utah, where she is the director of marketing and communications at the David Eccles School of Business and a newly minted doctor of educational leadership and policy is another long-time friend of the program and immense science buff, Sheena McFarland.