Israel and Palestine

Amos Guiora

On Sunday, Israel’s parliament (Knesset) voted in favor of a new government, ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year reign as prime minister.  The vote ushered in a “change government”—a coalition of eight different political parties that plan to use a rotation system to fill the prime minister’s seat. Naftali Bennett, leader of the New Right Party, will initially serve as prime minister for two years, followed by Yair Lapid, leader of the Yesh Atid for two years. For the first time in Israel’s history, an Israeli Arab party will be part of the government.


After 11 days of crisis, Israel and Hamas agreed to cease hostilities on Thursday, halting a flare-up of the 53-year-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. UPR’s Manuel Giron spoke with Motasem Abualqumboz, a former Utah State University graduate student born and raised in Palestine, to learn more about his experience.