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Utah Universities Receive Nod In Newly-formed Gymnastics Conference


The first NCAA women's gymnastics rankings are out and the list includes two members of the newly-formed Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference. All three of the other members also received votes.

Boise State comes in at number 19, and the University of Denver at 20. BYU, Southern Utah and Utah State also received votes but finished just outside the top 25 list.

SUU's Coach Scott Bauman said the rankings show significant power within the group.

"That says a lot for our conference," Bauman said. "We were actually the only conference in the country that had all of the teams already qualifying to the regional championships prior to the conference championships. Again, it says a lot for our conference, how strong they are, and I think we'll only be much better this year."

The NCAA officially recognized the new conference earlier this month.

SUU gymnastics opens its 2015 schedule on Friday, Jan. 9 at Arizona State, and Utah State gymnastics opens its 2015 schedule the same day at USU against the Air Force.