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Fun Park Struggling Amid Pandemic, Shutdown Would Impact University Clubs, Classes


Summer months are traditionally slow at the Fun Park in Logan when many Utah State students leave the valley and the people who are in town often opt for outdoor recreation. But with the coronavirus pandemic, business has hit a new low with impacts that could reach the University. 

“We teach bowling classes here for the university, we've got country swing dancing, which we work very closely with the Country Swing Club there at USU. And then we have a lot of groups come here throughout the year, starting with the orientation,” said Gary Wiser

Gary Wiser is the general manager of Cache Valley Fun Park. Located in Logan, the park offers indoor skating, bowling, arcade games and an indoor playground. They also provide a space for multiple Utah State University clubs and classes.

Like many Utah businesses, the park shut down in March and April because of the coronavirus pandemic and since reopening May, Wiser said they haven’t had enough sales to sustain the business and he is concerned about how the park will continue to stay open.

If the doors were shut forever, Wiser isn’t sure where the USU clubs and classes who use the space would go.

“Country Swing, they would have a tough time finding a place to host the dance," said Wiser. Bowling class, we would have to figure out a way to provide that for the because we're contractually obligated. So we would at least be open enough to fulfill that but It would it would be tough for those groups to not be able to come and visit the Fun Park.”

In an effort to garner community support, Wiser asked on social media that people order food from the park or buy a gift card so they can continue to stay open and available after the pandemic is over. So far, he said he has been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback he has received.