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Graffiti At Logan High That Used Nazi Symbols, Codes, Slogans Sparks Online Uproar

Someone painted Nazi symbols and slogans over the words “Black Lives Matter” in the Logan High School parking lot recently, prompting cultural tensions in the online discussion that followed.

Chris McGinty said he regularly walks by the high school, which is near his home. He “unfortunately wasn’t necessarily surprised, but really disappointed and disheartened” by the graffiti, which included two swastikas as well as other white supremacist and Nazi symbols, some in black spray paint and some that appeared to be in sidewalk chalk. The word “black” was scribbled out and the original message was altered to read “white lives matter.”


After thinking it over, McGinty decided to post a photo of the graffiti in online communities. Read the rest of the story on


This story is made possible thanks to a community reporting partnership between The Herald Journal and Utah Public Radio.