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Logan Officials Hope New 47-Acre Easement Will Help Extend Trails, Restore Section Of Logan River

Logan officials announced a new 47-acre conservation easement along the Logan River on Friday, with hopes of ensuring public access, allowing an extension of the city trail system and aiding river restoration efforts.

A small group of officials from various agencies joined members of the Kunzler family in a cattle field bordering the new easement Friday morning for a few remarks to celebrate the occasion.


“It’s very rare in your career that you have an opportunity to work on a project where the compensation, or what you hope to be the compensation, is at Christmastime, Thanksgiving and Sunday dinners, you’re still welcome around the dinner table,” said family member Travis Lish, who represented the Kunzlers in easement negotiations. Read the rest of the story on


This story is made possible thanks to a community reporting partnership between The Herald Journal and Utah Public Radio.