The Biology Of Bird Feeders

Dec 12, 2016
Travis Wilcoxen

People love to feed birds. It’s a great way to bring wild animals right into your backyard, and it’s a big industry, too, with more than $3 billion dollars spent annually on birdseed alone. There are hopper feeders, suet feeders, hummingbird feeders, and many more. There’s even a market dedicated to keeping squirrels out of the feeders, with products for sale like the Squirrel Be Gone and Squirrel Buster Plus. As popular as bird feeding is, few people think about negative impacts that the feeding could have on the birds.

Jobs Created In Price Lift Spirits

Dec 9, 2016

HealthEquity hired 28 benefited and permanent positions in Price, a town of 8,500 residents. Unemployment in the county is at 5.6 percent, according to Bureau of Labor statistics. The state unemployment rate is 3.4 percent.

Cowboys And Scientists

Dec 9, 2016
Ted Wood

Dugout Ranch is a working cattle ranch in the heart of the Colorado Plateau. It’s surrounded by enormous rock formations with colorful names, like the Sundial, Fringe of Death Canyon, and the Moki Family, just to name a few. It’s as remote as it is beautiful, an hour and a half south of Moab in San Juan County.

Crowdfunding: A Welcome Resource For Researchers

Dec 7, 2016


Crowdfunding is a term you have probably heard recently. The idea is to solicit a large number of small to medium donations in order to fund some kind of project or product development, and there are many online platforms that allow their users to do just that. While It’s not difficult to find crowdfunding proposals online ranging from heartwarming to ridiculous, some scientists are now looking to crowdfunding as a way to finance their research.

For the first time in Utah history, the state treasurer is listing the amount of unclaimed funds available to residents in each county. Utah State Treasurer David Damschen says as many as 780,000 individuals and organizations have property being held by the state. He and his colleagues would like to return the unclaimed property.

In the deserts of the southwest you can often see signs with slogans on them. “Don’t bust the crust,” they say, or “It’s alive.” These signs are referring to biological soil crusts, complicated communities that cover the very top layer of soil in dry places around the world.

People and Bears, Hunting For Coexistence

Dec 2, 2016


Humans have a complicated relationship with large carnivores. We enjoy viewing these charismatic species in nature, but not in our trash bins. But recreational hunting may help foster coexistence between humans and large animals where our habitats increasingly overlap.

During the attack at Ohio State University a student plowed his car into a group of pedestrians on campus and then got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot to death by a campus police officer. Eleven people were hurt.

Toddler Obesity Significantly Drops In Utah

Nov 30, 2016
Wikimedia Commons




Nearly one in four toddlers are overweight or have obesity, but lately those numbers have dropped. A recent study shows 2-to-4-year-old kids have significantly lower obesity rates than in 2010. In Utah, obesity rates among toddlers dropped from 12.5 percent to 8.2 percent.


Utah Ranked The Most Giving State In 2016

Nov 29, 2016
Public Domain Pictures


Americans are among the most generous people in the world, according to a recent international study. The United States ranked second out of 140 countries surveyed annually by the Charities Aid Foundation 2016 World Giving Index.

Some Utah lawmakers want to phase out a $2,000 tax credit that homeowners can receive for installing rooftop solar panels. The credit costs the state budget under $1 million annually. By the end of this year, the credit will amount to $20 million dollars.

Neighbors To North Search For Ways To Feed Families

Nov 29, 2016

A national organization has released details about families in Idaho who are struggling to put food on that table. According to Feeding America, one in six Idahoans struggles with hunger.

A new report by the Utah Foundation has found that changes to Utah's tax policy have cost public schools $1.2 billion annually.

Cache County Water District Passes, What's Next?

Nov 28, 2016

Should the Cache County Water District be created, yes or no?

That was the last item on the ballot for Cache County voters during the 2016 general election, and more than 42,000 voters weighed in. Cache County Proposition #11 passed with more than 58% support. So, now what? What is the next step in forming a water district, and how can citizens keep track of the developments?

CSI: Climate Science Investigation

Nov 22, 2016

The Earth has gone through huge climatic changes throughout its history, with multiple ice ages broken up by warmer periods. We’re currently in a warming trend, and that trend follows an increase in carbon dioxide, a common greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels. Is this cause-and-effect, or coincidence?


When the Siemens Foundation and Discover Education began holding a competition in math, science, and technology in 1999 the goal was to increase access to higher education for young students who are gifted in STEM by offering winners scholarships of up to $100,000. That goal is still the same, but seventeen years later organizers have changed the way they encourage young girls to compete and consider careers that could lead to the cure for cancer or identify tomorrow's coolest technology. So, what does it take to involve a more diverse pool of other words...find a way to get girls to compete?

A group of Utah conservatives concerned about the death penalty is hoping to encourage the public and policy makers to rethink death penalty policy in the state. The group is called Utah Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty and is a project of the Utah Justice Coalition.

Avoid The Rake, Leave Your Leaves

Nov 17, 2016
Wikimedia Commons


The National Wildlife Federation suggests leaving the leaves that fall on your yard in Autumn right where they are in an online article. They sight the benefits to everything from soil nutrition and landfill waste reduction, to a host of small and medium sized animals for whom the fallen leaves provide a habitat.

Northern Utah Businesses Invest In Solar Power

Nov 15, 2016

Nestled between the Bear River Range and the Wellsville Mountains, winters in Cache Valley can be long, cold, and dark. That isn’t stopping some local businesses from investing in solar power. Sports Academy, a private gym in North Logan, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony this Monday on an 888 kilowatt solar array, now the biggest in the county.

Utah Public Radio

You can now satisfy your sweet tooth and even customize your confections with the same cutting-edge technology being used to make artificial limbs. The world’s first 3D gummy candy printer called the Magic Candy Factory is currently being launched at several Go! Games & Toys Stores across the United States including Salt Lake City’s City Creek Center.  

Tracking Migratory Birds Shows Need For Wetlands

Nov 9, 2016

For as long as we’ve seen birds flying overhead, they have begged a question:  Where are they going?  Some birds are known to travel over 40,000 miles, but measuring those distances can be tricky.  In the past, researchers had to rely on banding birds or using GPS units that communicate with satellites.  Because of the heavy battery packs required, only large birds like eagles and vultures could be used in these studies until fairly recently.

Interview with Jill Zollinger, Cache County Clerk

Nov 8, 2016

Long lines, or well one long line, is filling the Cache County where voters are coming to cast their votes in person. Of course, mail-in ballots were sent out weeks ago. Many of those have returned. Today people were dropping off their ballots in giant drop boxes outside the county clerk's office and in other locations throughout the county. I spoke with County Clerk Jill Zollinger earlier today, and asked her if the long lines were expected, given that this is the first year that Cache County has held the election primarily by mail.

Objectified: Lessons In Falling Down

Nov 8, 2016
Courtesy of Wasatch Junior Rollers


Roller derby is not a sport for people afraid of falling. Because you will hit the floor at some point. And you have exactly three seconds to get back up.


When most people think of roller derby they likely conjure up images of women skating in fishnet stockings with bright face paint and whole lot of attitude. And in many leagues, roller derby is still all that. But roller derby is also a growing sport around the country for kids who have chosen to break from the pack; it's a sport where players choose who they want to be. And for young girls, that can be truly empowering.

Wikimedia Commons

New research out of the University of Utah today examines how long it takes poached elephant tusks to reach the illegal ivory market. Researchers used a technique known as bomb-curve radiocarbon dating to age the tusks.

Should The Cache Water District Be Created?

Nov 4, 2016

If you haven’t heard, next Tuesday is Election Day.  Voters have been bombarded by political campaigns for the past year and a half, but there are some issues that haven’t gotten as much coverage, and many voters still don’t know about some state amendments and county propositions.  I sat down with a Cache County voter that wished to remain anonymous as she took a first look at her ballot.