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Retired USU professor Richard Ratliff has developed what he calls the theory of Relationism, which he hopes will help us bridge the many divides we’re experiencing in our increasingly polarized society. He’ll join Tom Williams to explain.

The Utah Statesman

On Monday's Access Utah, we preview an Ethics Slam: an event modeled around a Poetry Slam in the sense that it occurs in a community space and it is open mic. Members of the community are asked to share their thoughts in a civil, respectful manner about a pressing social issue. This slam will focus on responding to climate change. The event takes place on Monday, September 9th at 7:00 p.m at Lucky Slice pizza in Logan.



The USU Institute of Government and Politics’ Foxley Forum presented a talk by former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake yesterday titled “Is Polarizing Partisanship the New Normal?”

We’ll feature a conversation with Sen. Flake on Tuesday’s Access Utah. Our guests will also include former Utah State Senator and current Utah Debate Commission Co-Chair Scott Howell. We’ll talk about polarization, finding common ground, reverberations from the Kavanaugh hearings, the partial government shutdown, the State of the Union Address, and much more.


The editors of The Atlantic write: “The election of Donald Trump … [has] driven many Americans to rummage through history in search of context and understanding. Trump himself has been compared to historical figures ranging from Ronald Reagan to Henry Ford, and from Andrew Jackson to Benito Mussolini.