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Gabriele Ciciurkaite studies the impact of food insecurity on mental health. Melissa Wrzesien investigates new ways to measure snowpacks. Together, we talk about how decision-making impacts resource allocation.

Emma Thompson

The difference between dirt and soil may not be an argument most people take seriously or even think about. But one Utah State University soil-scientist student is getting her hands dirty to prove that soil is essential for life.

Who Discovered The Art Of Cooking?

Aug 24, 2018

There have been a few big moments in the history of cooking – in 1961 when Julia Child published  “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”; in 1718 when Mary Eales recorded a recipe for ice cream; around 800 BC when the Greeks introduced olive oil to the Mediterranean. But nothing can beat that moment 1.8 million years ago when a Homo habilis creature … we’ll call him “Greg” … let the starchy root he was gnawing on slip into the fire, rescued it, took a bite, and evolved into a human.

In Utah, we have several wildlife species that have been implicated in attacks on humans, livestock and pets. Negative interaction with large ungulates is becoming more common. Although there are risks associated with the outdoors by following simple rules and applying common sense you can mitigate that risk. 

'Alpha' Review

Aug 23, 2018

Alpha is a PG-13 adventure film taking place 20,000 years ago roughly during the Paleolithic or Mesolithic era. During this last Ice Age, a young man becomes separated from his tribe on a dangerous buffalo hunt and struggles to find his way home through the prehistoric wilderness. Through hunting, healing his wounds, learning to build a fire, and befriending an injured wolf, this young man’s survival might be just within his reach.

Aggie Chocolate Factory Coming To Logan

Aug 23, 2018
Man making chocolate; The new Aggie Chocolate factory will let visitors see the bean to bar process of chocolate making.
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Logan has long been famous for Aggie Ice Cream. Visitors to the northern Utah town will soon be able to try a new local treat-- Aggie Chocolate. 

Affordable Housing Advocates: Utah Policymakers Can Do More

Aug 23, 2018
Nate Bolt/Flickr

The cost of buying or renting a home in Utah has been on the rise for years. Now, affordable-housing advocates say state government needs to take action before Utah reaches a crisis point.

Utah voters will decide if lawmakers should increase the state gas tax to fund education
Our Schools Now

In November Utah voters will be given an opportunity to ask lawmakers to consider increasing the state gasoline tax. A group supporting Question 1, an opinion question, is releasing a statewide campaign to convince voters that it is a good idea to pay more at the pump as an indirect way of paying to improve Utah schools.

The Utah-based robotics company Sarcos is working to develop technologies to augment, instead of replacing humans working in the industrial, public safety and military sectors. The robotics company is receiving financial incentives from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Football practice tackling
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According to studies by the Utah Department of Health, concussions make up 75 percent of all traumatic brain injuries occurring nationally. And yet, many individuals aren’t aware of the symptoms.


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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against Walmart Inc. on Friday, alleging the company has unlawfully discriminated against pregnant workers for years at one of its warehouse locations in Wisconsin.

The complaint, filed in federal court on behalf of Alyssa Gilliam, claims Walmart failed to accommodate workers' pregnancy-related medical restrictions, even though job modifications were provided to non-pregnant employees with physical disabilities. It also says the company denied pregnant workers' requests for unpaid leave.

Updated, September 21, 7:48 p.m. ET

A federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to make its main official behind the 2020 census citizenship question — Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — available to testify out of court for the lawsuits over the hotly contested question.

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